At Code Farrier we believe that web design is a term that encompasses a great deal more than whether a website is pleasing to view or not. Website design should include the structure of the web site with a sitemap, ensuring that all pages are easy to find through a intuitive structure. The layout of each page – ensuring that key information is presented clearly, and that the page isn't cluttered – is at least as important as the final design theme of colours and fonts.

At Code Farrier we've established a tried and tested web design process to ensure that every website we build delivers on its core aim. We first research the target market to ascertain the key goals of the site. We then construct a rough design in a fixed image so the overall theme or design of the site can be viewed by our client which acts as a basis for discussion and feedback. This vision is then developed into a full website draft that can be viewed by the client on our temporary web server so feedback can be collated, revisions made, and the design then signed-off.
With many years of experience in designing websites using such programs as: Photoshop Illustrator, Fireworks and Dreamweaver any design is possible.
FORM AND FUNCTION IN EVERYTHING WE DO We create beautiful and engaging websites to ensure that your target audience have the very best experience during their digital interaction with your organisation. Here at Code Farrier we turn our designs into something that works in the browser and ignite some code to power everything. This is also where we battle with browsers to ensure the site looks good across the board. In terms of testing we make sure to eliminate any bugs that may be lurking as we go - rather than waiting till the end of a project Code Farrier works at the intersection of design, technology and marketing--focused on helping organizations achieve business goals and be the best they can be. We design and build websites that are original and visually appealing. All websites are developed using
Joomla! a Content Management System (CMS) one of the leading open source CMS's, a php database driven platform. A CMS site allows our clients to edit their own websites for such tasks as adding /removing and editing text, images, photos. The client does not require specialiased web editing programs, all they need is a computer with internet access.

Joomla! CMS

Joomla! is one of the world's most popular software packages used to build, organize, manage and publish content for websites, blogs, Intranets and mobile applications. Owing to its scalable MVC architecture its also a great base to build web applications. With more than 3 percent of the Web running on Joomla! and a CMS market share of more than 9 percent, Joomla! powers the web presence of hundreds of thousands of small businesses, governments, non-profits and large organizations worldwide.

GREETED IN YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE Greeted in their native language, customers feel immediately welcome. Structure your shop with nested categories
Nested categories help your customer to get a structure of the shop. Different templates and layouts per category can create various look and feel. Describe your product

Short description gives a fast oversight while browsing the store. Long description is also available for the interested customer on a product details page. Offer Multiple media to your products

Multiple media (images, PDFs, videos,...) give the customer a good oversight of the product. Gather your customers feedback

The native review and rating system is enhancing the customer experience and gives them a guideline if the product is the right item for them. Individualize the shopping experience

Shoppergroups individualize the shopping experience. It can change the price display/format/calculation for them. For example, B2C customer sees the prices with tax, while B2B customers sees the prices directly without tax. Or returning customers directly get a discount of 5%. Let the shopper choose the product price currency

Multicurrency allows your customers to view products prices in the currency they desire and help him to faster decide if the product is in the desired price range. Guest and Account Checkout

The cart checkout allows to checkout with an account or without. Different templates and/or extensions allow a multipage checkout or one page checkout. The cart can be adjusted to the customers need. If the customers come mainly from a default country, it can be prefilled. This can be done also automatically by IP with an extension for a pocket money. The shipment and payment methods can have different conditions, so that a customer sees only methods that are available for him (by weight, zip, country, currency, payment amount, shopper group and so on). Returning customers can of course reuse their address. They can also send a product and use as shipment address. Increase your cross-selling

Add related categories or products to specific product to suggest the customer directly other products. This a great extra service which helps your customer to buy a good set of items (for example a printer and the right toner for it) and increases the sales volume of the merchant. Customize the account registration

The view, in which the shopper is entering his data, can be easily adjusted to the culture, national laws or just habits of the targeted audience. For example pure B2C shops can remove the company field, while others remove the second name field. A pizza service realised with VirtueMart would remove the country/state field and enter already a city as default.

Orders are always trackable, regardless registration. blue

Different groups of products like latest, topten, newest, featured give a fast impression and guide the customer to the best offers in the store. All lists are sortable and searchable. Customers can search for products by a certain category, manufacturer, attribute and of course descriptions. Offer Coupon codes

Customers like to feel important using a coupon or similar marketing tools. Extend your shop

It is very easy to add new features to your shop. Hundred of extensions are available to extend and customize your shop.

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Guru Pro

Intergrates into a Joomla! site


Create unlimited online courses with modules & lessons, on Guru's easy interface. With our Joomla LMS online course management system for Joomla CMS you can add as many courses as you want and manage them on the Courses Manager.

Media Library

Add any type of media to your media library: video, audio, text, files and more! Our Joomla LMS Media Library, allows you to create a comprehensive library of all types of media: video, audio, documents, files and text.

Responsive Design

Guru's front-end is completely responsive and mobile ready. Your students can browse and learn on any mobile device - easily.


If your potential students know they can get a certificate that will help them get hired or improve their resume, then there is a much better chance that they will sign up for your courses! Give your students a certificate for completing a course or passing tests, they will love you for it.


Add quizzes throughout your courses to test your students understanding of the material. Joomla LMS learning quizzes are a great way to find out if your students understand the learning material. Subscription Plans Set up subscription plans based on days/months/years or create unlimited access plans. Our Joomla eLearning system allows you to set up

Teacher Interface

Your teachers can prepare whole courses themselves, letting you collect either a percentage of the sales or a set fee. It's up to you.

Student Interface

Student interface allow students to view their courses, their quizzes and test scores and their certificates.

Admin Interface

Admin has full control over courses, teachers, students, payments, promo codes, quizzes and so much more

Guru Pro

Guru, allows you to create online courses easily!
We believe that everyone is an expert in something.
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Code Farrier designs and develops custom websites for all sized businesses, from brochure style sites to full e-commerce online shopping sites.
If you have a design you wish to use for your new website, no problem, we can develop a site using your design and can work with your graphic designer to bring a web presence to your business.
All Code Farrier site's are responsive i.e. the site display correctly on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone.
We are business focused and take a professional and ethical approach in what we do.

Contact us for a chat, we are friendly and very approachable.
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